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 A VENT! with Bob Jacobs 2 hour “Live Panel Discussion” special will air on
Monday, July 28th from 7pm to 9pm. Tune in to TCAM TV to watch this live event!

Talent door

 “Anonymous Among Us-Images of a New England Potter’s Field”
Premieres  Saturday, July 26th at 9:30pm
This TCAM TV produced documentary was edited and shot by Walter Sabina
with interviews from Kimberly Murphy. 

The program features photographer Karen Callan’s pictures of a potter’s field
and includes interviews from Dr. William Hanna and Director Katie MacDonald of the
Old Colony Historical Society.


Sunday, July 27th at 7:30pm
Tuesday, July 29th at 7:30pm and 10pm
Wednesday, July 30th at 11am
Saturday, August 2nd at 12:30pm & 9:30pm







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About TCAM TV  -  Where to Watch Us  -  Our History  -  Our Mission

About Us

Taunton Community Access & Media, Incorporated is a not for profit cable access television studio. We are located at 120 Ingell Street, Suite B, in Taunton, Massachusetts.

T.C.A.M. is recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a 501-(C) 3 non profit entity. Our operating budget is made possible through an agreement between the City of Taunton and Comcast and Verizon cable, providing us with 2% of their net cable revenues.

This corporation is overseen by a five member Board of Directors, which is responsible for setting studio policy, and for the overall finances of T.C.A.M.

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Where to Watch Us

Taunton Community Access & Media, Incorporated is Taunton’s Public Access Provider. Our programming can be seen on Comcast Channel 15and on Verizon Channel 22 in Taunton.

Our History

Taunton Community Access & Media, Incorporated was organized in July of 2006, as a result of an agreement between the City of Taunton and Comcast. It was determined that Comcast would no longer provide an Access Studio to the community, but would instead create a funding mechanism; (a “pass through” of 2% of their net revenue) to help support the operations of T.C.A.M.

The same agreement was made between Verizon and the City of Taunton when Verizon began offering cable television to Taunton residents.

The Board of Directors worked diligently to get the studio up and running, and on October 1st, 2006 T.C.A.M. took over as Taunton’s public access studio.

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Our Mission

Taunton Community Access & Media, Incorporated is dedicated to providing our studio and equipment to any citizen or not for profit group from Taunton who wishes to produce local access programming on a “first come- first served” basis. We operate our studio and provide this service at no charge to the people or organizations who wish to become involved in public access television.

In order to allow everyone an equal opportunity to become involved with T.C.A.M., we have no members, thus we charge no membership dues. Instead, we actively seek volunteers to produce programming or to assist in the production aspect of Public Access Television.

Our goal is to continue to expand our programming to provide the viewers of our channel with entertaining, diverse, and informative programs.

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